I hope this, at the very least, is a reminder that those who try their hardest to make others smile are fighting their own demons as well. Never feel like you don’t deserve help that you are bringing others down with you. There is always someone there waiting to hold your hand.


RIP Robin Williams. So many childhood memories of watching your movies. Such a sad loss, man. This should be an awakening to those suffering in silence to reach out for help.

Thanks for all the good times kiddo ;-).
Alone.  Outiside.  In the darkness.  I saw a shooting star and immediately closed my eyes and made a wish.  

"Don’t talk about being a screenwriter. Sit your ass in the chair, and even if it takes you ten years to start working as a professional, develop and hone your skills. Don’t think that the first thing you write is gonna sell for a million dollars, ‘cause I got news for you: It ain’t."

~Frank Darabont (via rempress1)

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